item style 31-size 5x18





Abstract Suncatchers and Art Pieces


Similar items available upon request, glass will vary.


Stacked Box Series (right)

item 48 size - 14x12








item 49 size 13x13


item 33-size 14x13



item 34-size 16x14


item 54-size 6x13


item 35-size 24x12

This piece features two small geodes sliced into halves and one large geode slice.





item 36-size 36x14 (including hanger)

Four bevels are featured in "The Harp" along with several creative twists of copper wire.

item 62-Sun/Moon with copper tube frame

item 37-size 19x12

This piece is sodered directly to copper tubing. The glass fits into wire designs at the top and features a partial sun cut out of copper.


item 38-size 14x10

This piece is also sodered directly to copper tubing with the glass fitting into wire designs.

item 61- size 14x21


item 39-green beaded

item 40-blue suncatcher, 15x4




item 41-size 14x9


item 50 size 16x9


item 51 size 16x9



A rondel is used as the sun's center.

item 43-size 8x14

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