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Framed Designs


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When making frames for my pieces, I enjoy extending the theme of the piece into the frame. For example, the piece below has clouds at the top and wooden cattails on the side.

"Pond Life"

item 100-size 27x27

Frame features cloud shape on top made of maple, left side cattails of oak, right of mahogany and bottom of maple.

Frogs and dragonfly are not incorporated into the piece but attached to the surface to portray a 3D effect.






"Glass Fish"

item 101-size 33x24

Top and reeds (on sides) are constructed of white oak. Lower section is an actual piece of driftwood attached to a hidden section of the frame.







item 102-size 31x19

Wooden section is constructed of red oak. This piece is held together with wing nuts on a threaded bar. To further convey a sailing theme, a knotted rope is used as the hanger.






"Sunflowers" -in round leaf frame

item 103-size 17x17

This frame is notched in leaf shapes and made of mahogany. The blue background is a bullseye glass.









"Sunflowers"-in tree frame

item 104-size 24x18

The tree frame is constructed with Lacewood. The supporting copper bracket above is leaf shaped.




"Red Wave"

item 105-size 28x29

The glass and shapes of this piece convey motion. The lower frame is made of white oak, the upper of paduk and the right is a piece of driftwood attached to a hidden frame section.










item 106-size 36x31

The majority of this frame is made of white oak. The left side is of paduk.





"Texas Wild Rice"

item 107-size- 15x35

This frame is made of reclaimed oak.








"Spring Flowers" features a butterfly that is mounted on top of the piece. The frame is shaped to a section of a tree. The tree is made of mahogany.

item 108-size 28x21







"The Roadrunner"

This design was inspired by an unusual piece of wood that looked like the head of a roadrunner.

item 109-(sold)








"Falling Leaves"

item 110-size 24x20

Frame is made from Lacewood.