Rad Designs



I finally figured out the secret of life...to find joy in every single endeavor.

I love designing, whether it be in glass, concrete, wood, metal or on paper. Out of all the things I've done in my life, creative design seems to be the thing that ties them all together. I've also learned to love mistakes. They present new problems. They demand creative solutions. The end product always seems to be some new revelation.

I love light and texture. Working with glass lends itself to a happy exploration of those. I love placing glass pieces in specific locations so that when the light explodes through them, you know the time day. Kind of like an alarm that goes off.

One objective in my glass design has been to move pieces out of windows and into other areas of the room. An example would be in the smaller free standing pieces and mobiles that can be placed in a variety of places within a home. I'd like everyone to experience the joy of a glass piece lighting up where you really wouldn't expect it.